Four Season Campground

In 2022, The Town of Adams issued a Request For Proposals (RFP) for the development, construction, operation, and management of the Campground at Greylock Glen Resort. The Select Board accepted a proposal from Shared Estates, in December of 2022.  Follow Greylock Glen Ecovillage on Facebook to learn more.

The Greylock Glen Resort will provide camping facilities in a location toward the western end of Gould Road. As one of the major components of the Resort, the Campground will be built and managed in an environmentally sensitive manner. It will be laid out to minimize the number and length of roads. The campground will be developed in two sections on either side of the road and will include no more than 140 well-defined sites in woodland and newly landscaped settings. The Town’s concept for the Campground includes a variety of accommodation types and strongly favors a mix of rustic cabins, yurts or eco-shelters, along with some traditional tent and small RV sites.


Though the campground will be geared toward a more rustic experience, several basic amenities should be provided for guest comfort and to attract a diverse clientele. Required amenities are bathhouses with showers, a camp store, and recycling stations. Optional amenities would include a swimming pool, a multi-use recreational room, and group gathering areas.

Campground Section A

The primary Campground area is approximately 11.6 acres comprised of predominantly open meadow with clusters of young deciduous trees including poplars, ash and red cedar which have become established following abandonment of an earlier golf course development effort. The site is bordered by Gould Road to the north, a perennial stream and privately-owned farmland to the west, and woodlands to the south and east. The largely open character and relatively flat terrain of this section make it suitable for more intensive year-round use with minimal impacts upon nearby mature stands of trees.

Campground Section B

Section B is located across Gould Road immediately to the north of Section A and consists of approximately 11.3 acres of sloped land. This site is characterized by mature tree stands of hemlock, maple, ash and oak in some areas, and stands of pioneer tree species and open meadow areas in others. Fingers of wetlands and a pond lie largely to the east of the site. Given the relative steepness of the terrain and mature tree stands, this section is most suitable to low intensity use. Tent camping and canvas shelters such as yurts are most appropriate to this area.

Goals and Objectives

The Four Season Campground, along with other components of the Greylock Glen Resort, will expand the local and regional economy by establishing Adams as a destination for outdoor recreation and environmental education. The resort will expand visitor services and attractions in the region and connect the Town more meaningfully to the Mount Greylock State Reservation and surrounding cultural institutions. All of these will positively affect downtown merchants in Adams by building a strong customer base.

The selected Campground developer will be expected to design, construct, and operate and maintain a high-quality campground facility offering a range of accommodations that will generate substantial visitors to Adams and the larger northern Berkshire region. The selected developer/operator will be required to incorporate the highest standards for innovative green design and resource efficiency, including:

  • Minimizing environmental impacts through sensitive siting of improvements.
  • Protecting and enhancing habitat areas within and around the Campground sites.
  • Recycling waste products and striving to limit waste as much as possible.
  • Utilizing Green building techniques to reduce energy costs whenever possible.
  • Working to reduce maintenance and operations costs for increased efficiency.

How to Inquire

To request more information or to express interest in development and business opportunities at Greylock Glen Resort, please contact the Town of Adams, Town Administrator’s Office by using this Contact Form. Thank you for your interest.


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