Outdoor Center

Now under construction, the Outdoor Center is the first phase of current development at Greylock Glen. In 2023, the Town of Adams will solicit proposals from interested vendors for the operation and management of the Outdoor Center café and other elements.

Greylock Glen Outdoor Center Site Plan 2
Outdoor Center Site Plan

On June 22, 2018, the Town of Adams unveiled the schematic designs for the Greylock Glen Outdoor Center. Construction of the $8.3 million, 9,980-square-foot building began in 2022 with Souliere & Zepka serving as general contractor. When completed, the Outdoor Center will serve as a “base camp” for exploration within the Glen and into the Mount Greylock State Reservation.

As the first major built component of the Greylock Glen Resort, the Outdoor Center will be a model for sustainable design. Green building practices, sustainable operating plans and native species landscaping are all incorporated to meet the goal of a truly sustainable project.

Designed by Maclay Architects using net-zero principles, the Outdoor Center will generate all the energy it uses through solar power. This is possible because the building itself will be designed from the ground up for energy efficiency. It will make full use of high-efficiency heat pumps for heating and cooling, LED lighting, high R-value insulation and other efficient building systems. Zero carbon, renewable solar power will be generated by roof panels and/or “carport” panels in the Outdoor Center parking area.

Goals and Objectives

The Outdoor Center will expand the local and regional economy by establishing Adams as a destination for outdoor recreation and environmental education. The resort will expand visitor services and attractions in the region and connect the Town more meaningfully to surrounding cultural institutions. All of these will positively affect downtown merchants in Adams by building a strong customer base.

The Town will partner with selected vendors who will be expected to operate and maintain high-quality venues within the Center (food and beverage, retail sales, etc.) that collectively will generate substantial visitors to Adams and the larger northern Berkshire region. The Center is designed to incorporate the highest standards for innovative green design and resource efficiency, including:

  • Protecting and enhancing habitat areas around the Outdoor Center.
  • Recycling waste products and striving to limit waste as much as possible.
  • Minimizing pollution impacts resulting from Outdoor Center activities.
  • Working to reduce maintenance and operations costs for increased efficiency.
Outdoor Center Floor Plan
Outdoor Center Floor Plan

Multi-Purpose Facility

The Outdoor Center will host a central gathering space which will orient visitors to Greylock Glen and Mount Greylock, as well as serve as a pleasant space to relax. Maps, guidebooks, supplies, food and drink items will be available. The schematic design features a stone fireplace, timber framing, generous windows capturing stunning views of Mount Greylock, exhibit space, and a mezzanine leading to an elevated observation deck. The Outdoor Center will also feature classrooms, a café, and a retail area. The extensive grounds and interior spaces of the Outdoor Center will be available for private and public events.


The Outdoor Center will include a café to be operated by an independent lessee. The café will have indoor seating for up to 75 people, with additional seasonal seating on the adjacent outdoor terrace. The café kitchen will be equipped with all-electric, high-efficiency cooking, ventilation and refrigeration appliances. The café will not only serve daily meals to visitors to the Glen but will also be able to cater weddings, small conferences, and other events to be held outdoors or inside the Outdoor Center.

Environmental Education

Approximately 1,400 square feet of the Outdoor Center will be used for educational programs offered by environmental organizations and educational institutions. The design of this space includes a large multi-functional space that can be partitioned into three separate classrooms or opened up into a single expansive room. This space will also be available for functions and community events when classes are not in session. The educational facility will serve a wide array of people including school children, teachers, college students and faculty, environmental professionals, families, and the general public. It will be an ideal venue for summer day camps offered by environmental organizations such as Mass Audubon.

Outdoor Outfitter

For outdoor recreation enthusiasts, a retail outdoor sales, rental and repair operation will be housed in the south wing of the Outdoor Center. Mountain bikes, snowshoes, x-country skis, camping gear and supplies are just a few of the items that may be available. The retail space will have its own entrance. The retailer will be also be able to take advantage of the Outdoor Center’s grounds to offer lessons, clinics and equipment shows. The town will be seeking qualified retailers interested in leasing this space.

To Inquire

To request more information or to express interest in development and business opportunities at Greylock Glen Resort, please contact the Town of Adams, Town Administrator’s Office by using this Contact Form. Thank you for your interest.

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