Greylock Glen in the News

Berkshire Eagle – 6/6/2024 – Where’d the Greylock Glen Commission go? Adams town meeting members, legislators ask why a commission hasn’t been formed yet

iBerkshires – 6/3/2024 – Adams Town Meeting OKs $19M Fiscal 2025 Budget; Glen Articles Trigger Debate

Berkshire Eagle – 6/3/2024 – Adams town meeting representatives OK $19 million budget, signing off on spending items for Greylock Glen

iBerkshires – 4/18/2024 – Greylock Glen Outdoor Center 90% Complete

Berkshire Eagle – 4/18/2024 – Adams is now eyeing an August opening for Greylock Center. Here’s what remains to be done

Berkshire Magazine – Spring 2024 – Center of Attraction: Greylock Glen Outdoor Center Becomes a Reality This Summer

iBerkshires – 2/27/2024 – Adams Allocates Additional Funding to Progress Glen Outdoor Center Solar

Berkshire Eagle – 1/18/2024 – Former Pittsfield Police Chief Michael Wynn hired to be Greylock Glen Outdoor Center executive director

iBerkshires – 1/18/2024 – Adams Hires Former Pittsfield Chief as Director of Greylock Glen Outdoor Center

Berkshire Eagle – 1/15/2024 – Town of Adams takes pains to protect its interests in sublease, development agreement for Greylock Glen

iBerkshires – 1/4/2024 – Adams Picks Mass Audubon for Glen Educator

iBerkshires – 1/4/2024 – Adams Selectmen Sign 25-Year Agreement with Campground Developer

Berkshire Eagle 1/3/2024 – Town of Adams, Shared Estates agree on contract for Greylock Glen campground operation

Rural Intelligence – 12/1/2023 – Greylock Glen Named Runner-Up in Readers’ Choice Awards 

Berkshire Eagle – 10/25/2023 – Adams is looking for staff and a cafe operator for the Greylock Glen outdoor center

iBerkshires – 10/11/2023 – Greylock Glen Development Hitting Milestones

Berkshire Eagle – 10/7/2023 – What’s in Mass Audubon’s proposed plan for the Greylock Glen Outdoor Center?

Berkshire Eagle – 8/10/2023 – Lease agreement on Greylock Glen campsite delayed; outdoor center moves forward

Berkshire Eagle – 6/8/2023 – Adams Town Meeting reps approve spending items and Greylock Glen expenditures

iBerkshires – 6/8/2023 – Adams Town Meeting Passes $17.6M Budget, Greylock Glen Funding

Berkshire Eagle – 4/19/2023 – Our Opinion: What we want to see from a Greylock Glen commission

Berkshire Eagle – 4/7/2023 – Who will oversee and operate Greylock Glen’s commercial enterprise? A bill before the state Legislature would create a commission

iBerkshires – 3/24/23 – Glen Campground Presentation Focuses on Economics, Community

Berkshire Eagle – 3/23/2023 – Public forum on Greylock Glen campsite development in Adams draws hundreds

iBerkshires – 3/22/2023 – Greylock Glen Campground Developer Holding Public Forum

Berkshire Eagle – 3/16/2023 – After Mass Audubon says planned ‘mirror houses’ at Greylock Glen are bad for birds, developer removes them from the campground plan

Berkshire Eagle – 3/8/2023 – Our Opinion: Thoughts on Greylock Glen campground plan? Bring them, along with an open mind, to public forum

Berkshire Eagle – 3/6/2023 – Worried about the proposed Greylock Glen campground? You’ll have a chance to ask questions, comment on the $12 million project at a community forum 

Berkshire Eagle – 3/3/2023 – Our Opinion: Great to see people, businesses betting on Adams

Berkshire Eagle – 2/8/2023 – Photos: A look at the Greylock Glen outdoor center construction

Berkshire Eagle – 1/30/2023 – Lauren R. Stevens: Glamping at the Glen? Another proposal that tests a tenuous balance of development goals

Berkshire Eagle – 1/24/2023 – Letter: Why we strongly support Greylock Glen project

iBerkshires – 1/18/2023 – Letter: Greylock Glen Camping Proposal Aligns With Town’s Needs

Berkshire Eagle – 1/14/2023 – Our Opinion: Greylock Glen project should proceed with caution, openness, and good faith

Berkshire Eagle – 1/14/2023 – Opponents pan the proposed camping center at Greylock Glen as ‘too upscale’ and intrusive

iBerkshires – 1/7/2023 – Contractors Attend Conference for Greylock Glen Water System

iBerkshires – 12/30/2022 – Adams 2022 Year in Review

Berkshire Edge – 12/23/2022 – Greylock Glen project approved in Adams

iBerkshires – 12/16/2022 – Adams Selectmen Approve Development for Greylock Glen Campsite

Berkshire Eagle – 12/15/2022 – Adams says yes to a Lenox developer’s $15 million Greylock Glen campground proposal

Berkshire Eagle – 10/28/2022 – Our Opinion: From Greylock Glen in Adams to Site 9 in Pittsfield, Berkshire development worth betting on

Berkshire Eagle – 10/26/2022 – U.S. Rep. Richard Neal announces $4 million in federal funding to help pay for the Greylock Glen project

iBerkshires – 10/26/2022 – Congressman Neal Visits Adams to Celebrate $3.9 Million for Greylock Glen

Berkshire Eagle – 8/31/2022 – Our Opinion: As Greylock Glen outdoor center starts to become real, this smart development is worth celebrating

Berkshire Eagle – 8/30/2022 – Gov. Baker celebrates future Greylock Glen outdoor center

Berkshire Eagle – 8/30/2022 – ‘Greylock Glen’ is where big developments went to die. Here’s why it’s different this time

iBerkshires – 8/30/2022 – Baker, Polito Celebrate Greylock Glen Groundbreaking

iBerkshires – 8/21/2022 – Adams Con Comm Approves Greylock Glen Trail Improvements

iBerkshires – 8/4/2022 – Preliminary Sitework Begins at Greylock Glen

iBerkshires – 7/15/2022 – Adams to Install New Wayfinding and Information Signs

Berkshire Eagle – 6/27/2022 – Adams voters approve additional land purchase for entrance to the Greylock Glen project

iBerkshires – 5/19/2022 – Adams Receives $2.9M for Greylock Glen Water Infrastructure

iBerkshires – 3/11/2022 – Federal Omnibus Spending Bill Has $1M for Greylock Glen

Berkshire Eagle – 1/26/2022 – State tops up funding for Greylock Glen project, May groundbreaking likely

Spectrum News – 1/26/2022 – Adams gets additional $2.8 million to close funding gap for Greylock Glen outdoor center

Berkshire Eagle – 12/3/2021 – Greylock Glen project faces one more climb: a $2.3 million funding gap

iBerkshires – 12/3/2021 – Adams Conservation Commission Approves Greylock Glen Outdoor Center Plans

iBerkshires – 9/28/2021 – Adams Planning Board OKs Site Plan for Greylock Glen Outdoor Center

Berkshire Eagle – 9/22/2021 – Who will actually build the Greylock Glen outdoor center? Candidates are about to show themselves

Berkshire Eagle – 8/29/2021 – State grants seed local projects to enhance forestry, economy – and fight against climate change

iBerkshires – 8/11/2021 – Adams Fire District OKs Articles Related to Greylock Glen Project

iBerkshires – 7/27/2021 – Berkshire County Communities Receive Trail Project Funding

Berkshire Eagle – 7/15/2021 – Despite higher material costs, Adams officials commit to start building Greylock Glen rec center

Berkshire Eagle – 7/14/2021 – ‘Long time coming.’ Gov. Baker says Greylock Glen project found its ‘right time’

Berkshire Eagle – 7/14/2021 – Baker to mark release of $6.5M for Greylock Glen rec center with visit to Adams

iBerkshires – 7/14/2021 – Baker, Polito Visit Greylock Glen and Clark Art

Berkshire Eagle – 5/20/2021 – Our Opinion: Local planners’ longtime work bears fruit in Greylock Glen

Berkshire Eagle – 5/12/2021 – State Releases $6.5 Million for Greylock Glen Outdoor Recreation Center

iBerkshires – 5/12/2021 – State Commits Funds to Build Greylock Glen Outdoor Center

MassLive – 5/13/2021 – State Commits $6.5 Million for nature center at Mount Greylock

Spectrum News – 5/20/2021 – Adams gets $6.5 million in funding to build outdoors center at Greylock Glen

Berkshire Eagle – 9/15/2018 – Greylock Glen Readying New Trails

iBerkshires – 7/31/2018 – House, Senate Pass Bond Bill With Funds for Greylock Glen

Berkshire Eagle – 6/23/2018 – Our Opinion: Greylock Glen may have landed on key to success

Berkshire Eagle – 6/22/2018 – Adams official on Greylock Glen: ‘It’s our time’

Berkshire Eagle – 6/22/2018 – After fits and starts, a reboot for the Greylock Glen

iBerkshires – 6/22/2018 – Adams Sees Greylock Glen’s Future With Reveal of Outdoor Center

iBerkshires – 2/16/2017 – Outdoor Center Receives 13 Design Bids

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