Greylock Glen Development Q&A

1.      Will I still be able to go up and hike, snowshoe, walk, x-country ski, snowmobile, etc. when the Outdoor Center and other development components are there?

YES.  In fact, the Town has designed the project in a way to help ensure that everyone can continue to access the Glen for their outdoor recreational pursuits and do so without having to pay for parking or pay for a trail pass, through the monetary support of the project from the private development components.  There will be some changes over time as the approved Glen Trail System is fully implemented and future components of the Glen project are developed.  Of course, trail system users will be expected to respect and not interfere with private development operations allowed at the Glen.

2.      How much will be developed vs. preserved?

Greylock Glen consists of 1,063 acres. The totality of the Town’s proposed Greylock Glen Resort project is concentrated on 48.5 acres of land and less than half of this will be disturbed. All of the development components of the project were sited along Gould and Thiel Roads, on land which was previously developed.  Of note, the ponds at the Glen were created as water features within the 18-hole golf course developed in the 1970s.  Other remnants of previous development at the Glen include the foundation of a 350-room hotel, base structures for ski lift facilities, snow-making facilities, and massive storm drainage structures.  As part of the Town’s project proposal, 94% (1,007 acres) of the Glen property has been permanently protected as Conservation Land.  Initiated by the Town, this protection was enacted by the Massachusetts Legislature in 2015 ensuring the vast majority of the Glen will remain undeveloped for future generations.

3.   What is the process for the development of the campground?

The Town conducted a full procurement process for the campground, receiving two responses to its Request for Proposals (RFP) issued in August of 2022.  The selected proponent (Shared Estates) will now begin the process of developing their concept for the campground based on input from stakeholder groups, abutters, and the general public.  Once Shared Estates has finalized its campground design, it will present the final plan to Town staff and the Select Board, who will vote to approve the design or require changes.  The Town will ensure the Shared Estates’ final plan is consistent with the Town’s Site Master Plan approved under MEPA and the Master Lease Agreement with the Commonwealth.  After approval by the Select Board, Shared Estates will be required to file an application with the Adams Conservation Commission to address any potential impacts under the MA Wetlands Protection Act and apply for Site Plan Approval with the Adams Planning Board.

4.   Where are we in the process?

Early stages – Shared Estates has initiated its formal process for public outreach and input with a public information meeting on March 23, 2023.  

5.   How will this benefit the Town?

The campground is the first private investment component of the Town’s Greylock Glen Resort development project (the Outdoor Center, now under construction, and the multi-use trails system are the public components of the $50M project).  Through lease payments, the private components will generate a sustainable revenue source for the Town to use to maintain and protect the Glen property over time.  Maintaining the trail system and other improvements, providing staffing at the Outdoor Center, controlling invasive species, and carrying out other protective measures and future needs will all be supported by the private development lease revenue.  In addition, the Town will benefit from new property and lodging taxes generated by the campground project.         

6.   Will the Glen Meadow Loop be impacted or removed because of the campground development? 

The Glen Meadow Loop trail will not be removed and is not expected to be impacted by the campground development.  It is conceivable that a short segment of the trail may need to be temporarily realigned to allow certain construction of the campground to occur safely away from trail users.  This would be for a limited duration and impact only a short segment of the trail itself.

7.    What trails exist? And which, if any, will be impacted?

There are a number of “unofficial” trails within the two established areas designated for the campground development.  These unofficial trails will be eliminated.  The existing “connector trail” and the snowmobile trail are expected to be realigned in a logical way to accommodate the campground use.  These anticipated changes are part of the Town’s Site Master Plan and were identified in both the Town’s MEPA submittals and Master Lease.  Any new alignment of the connector and snowmobile trail will be determined after consulting closely with DCR, trail user groups, and Town staff and boards.

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