June 22, 2018

Press Contact: Donna Cesan, Interim Town Administrator
dcesan@town.adams.ma.us; (413) 743-8300 x170


Economic Impact Study Highlights New Jobs and Spending

Adams, MA – The Town of Adams has announced the completion of schematic designs for the highly-anticipated Outdoor Center at Greylock Glen. The Center will be a $6.5 million, 10,000 SF multi-purpose building, which will serve as the base camp for excursions into the Glen and the Mt. Greylock State Reservation. The Center will house classrooms, a café with indoor and outdoor seating, concession and exhibit areas, an outfitter for outdoor gear rentals and purchases, and a large reception area. The Center has been designed by Maclay Architects using Net-Zero design principles, including green building designs, renewable energy technology and sustainable operating plans. Several parties have expressed interest in participating in the project, including Mass Audubon, Main Street Hospitality, and MCLA.

In addition, the Town has recently released a report detailing the anticipated economic impact of the Greylock Glen Resort, including estimated direct spending and supported jobs as well as state and local tax revenue. The report was created by Johnson Consulting, Inc. of Chicago, which also worked with the Town of Adams on an earlier Market and Feasibility Study for the Greylock Glen project. Highlights from the study include a projected addition of 375 full-time equivalent jobs once all components of the project are complete, along with $27.2 million in total spending, and $3.3 million in local and state taxes. Each of these figures is anticipated to grow over the course of the first five years of full operation. These projections are limited to the direct impact of the resort itself, and do not include the potential for additional impact from subsequent developments in the surrounding local area.

“These impacts will be seen incrementally, beginning as early as spring of 2019 with the anticipated construction of the Outdoor Center,” said Interim Town Administrator Donna Cesan. “The construction of the Greylock Glen Resort will occur in phases, and upon completion we will see major economic and fiscal impacts through jobs, direct spending, and tax revenue.”

“The Greylock Glen Resort will serve as a catalyst for economic revitalization in Adams and the northern Berkshires,” stated Representative John Barrett. “Outdoor Recreation is a perfect complement to the cultural attractions in the region and will provide reasons for visitors to extend their stays.”

“Mt. Greylock is a tremendous asset for the region. Serious investment in the Greylock Glen is overdue and this project starts with the creation of facilities and trails we can all use while providing the basis for a larger development with serious economic impact,” said State Senator Adam G. Hinds (D- Pittsfield). Hinds serves as the chair of the Committee on Tourism, Arts & Cultural Development and the vice chair of the Committee on Economic Development & Emerging Technologies. Positioning the Berkshires and western Mass. as a major destination for outdoor recreation has been a major piece of the Senator’s agenda.

In addition to the Outdoor Center, resort components include a lodge and conference center, a campground, a performing arts amphitheater, and a multi-use trails system. Collectively, the components provide a complementary set of uses that greatly expand outdoor recreation opportunities for the public. The resort is intended to serve as a model for eco-tourism. To that end, the Town has carefully and deliberately sought a balance between increased revenue and protection of a valued natural asset. Over 1000 acres of land within the Greylock Glen site have already been placed under permanent conservation restrictions.

The Town of Adams is the designated developer for the Greylock Glen Resort. The completely re-designed Amended Master Plan was successfully adopted by DCR in 2004. The Town has also secured a 99-Year Master Lease with the Commonwealth. The initial phase of utility improvements including water, sewer and electric to serve the entire resort, has already been installed. The 56-acre project has also been issued a Certificate from the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs under the MA Environmental Policy Act (MEPA), and is ready to proceed. The project will be designed and operated using sustainable practices for storm water control, groundwater recharge, energy efficiency measures, and renewable energy, among others.

Information about Greylock Glen is available from the Town Administrator’s Office, 8 Park Street, Adams, MA 01220, M-Th, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

The architectural team includes William Maclay as lead architect, Eileen Hee, architect and project manager, and Steve Derdiarian of VHB, Inc. as lead landscape architect. The team completed schematic design plans in June 2018 and is now working toward full design.

  • The Outdoor Center will provide space for four distinct building uses:
  • A welcome center will introduce visitors to Greylock Glen and provide information about recreational opportunities, the natural environment and the building itself. It will also include exhibits and concessions.
  •  A four-season café will provide meals and refreshments with both indoor and outdoor seating and cooking. The café will use low-energy kitchen equipment and methods.
  • An outdoor outfitter will sell and rent a wide variety of outdoor recreation gear and supplies, as well as provide repair services.
  • An environmental education facility will provide classrooms for a range of environmental programming, meeting space, and flexible multi-functional space also available for community events.
Architects presents the design
William Maclay of Maclay Architects presents the design of the Greylock Glen Outdoor Center at a press conference at the Adams Town Hall.