Trail Expansion Update

Post updated December 2018

Glen Meadow Loop Trail

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) has completed the construction of the new Meadow Loop Trail at Greylock Glen Resort. The 1.7 mile trail circles the central meadows and wetlands, and is relatively flat, broad and easily walked. It is open to walkers, skiers and bicycles. Motorized vehicles are prohibited. The trail can be accessed from Gould or Thiel Roads.
Meadow Loop Trail Greylock Glen 3
Department of Conservation and Recreation photo

Glen Meadow Loop Trail

The DCR has also completed the Moser Farm Loop, named for a farm that was on land that the trail passes through.The trail was designed by Paul Jahnige, Director of DCR Greenways and Trails Program, with trail construction contracted out by DCR. The crew used parts of existing wood roads to build the trail over a rolling terrain that is perfect for cross country skiing. This trail is wider than most, so that it can accommodate a snow groomer. It has four wooden bridges built over streams and wet areas. The East side starts at the Gould trailhead and is mostly flat leading up to the Cheshire Harbor trailhead. To make a loop you continue through the Cheshire Harbor trailhead across Chouinard’s Meadow and then downhill back to the Gould trailhead. The trail can be skied going East to West for a slow climb and a fast ride down, or West to East for a good climb and a gradual ride down.

Mountain Bike and Running Trails

Members of the Thunderbolt Ski Runners (TSR) have been working with DCR and the Town to construct mountain bike trails in areas designated in the Greylock Glen Resort Master Plan. The volunteers used blazes in the woods to rough out trails that would be fun for mountain biking and give bikers the ability to climb up steep sections with ease, while being careful to avoid wetlands and rare species habitats. After the flagging was done and the design approved by DCR, trails were cut, raked and graded for drainage and overall sustainability. The New England Mountain Bike Association also contributed to the efforts, and so far TSR and NEMBA have built about 6.5 miles of designated single track trails, great for biking, hiking, and running. New trail names include Moonwort, Dragon Tail, Wolf Tree, Hidden Meadow, Birch Loop and South Side Connector. Trail descriptions and lengths can be found here.

More information about Greylock Glen’s Multi-use Trail Plan can be found here.